15th Apr, 2024

STRYDE's CEO Champions Customer Engagement in Seismic Innovation

At STRYDE, we believe that our relationship with our customers extends far beyond the transactional realm.

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We see ourselves as partners in our customers' success stories and we're committed to providing whatever support is necessary to help them acquire the high-quality seismic data they want and need.

In today's competitive landscape, where innovation and precision are paramount, the significance of understanding our customers' needs intimately cannot be overstated. This is why, at STRYDE, we go above and beyond by fostering a culture that values direct engagement and feedback from our customers. And what better way to embody this commitment than through the personal involvement of our CEO, Mike Popham, in the field?

Mike Popham CEO STRYDE

Our CEO's presence in the field with our customers and their crews goes beyond a mere symbolic gesture. It's a testament to our unwavering dedication to understanding the real-world challenges and opportunities faced by our customers to drive innovation and customer success.

In this Q&A, our CEO, Mike shares insights gained from his recent visit to Poland, where he engaged with our customer, Geopartner Geofizyka, during their seismic survey for geothermal exploration.

Why is it important for you to go and visit our customers and their crew?

“Maintaining positive relationships and understanding how STRYDE can help our clients continue to grow and succeed in land seismic sits at the core of why I invest time in visiting our customers.

“I make sure I get to go to the field and meet a crew using STRYDE as often as time permits. I think it is vital for me to hear firsthand what the crew likes about STRYDE and where they want to see us further develop the system. I also like to observe how different teams use the system and how they find the best way to use STRYDE for their specific environment or challenge.

“I always learn something new from the people who are using our system day in and day out, which I can then share with the wider STRYDE team for continuous improvement.”

Can you provide any highlights or memorable moments from your visit?

“For this specific use case, the location of the survey was simply stunning (set in beautiful green mountains, covering a ski resort and nearby farmland). What made it particularly special was seeing how easily the crew were able to deploy STRYDE Nodes™ on foot to acquire a dense 2D survey in complete harmony with nature.

"If you hadn’t known that a seismic survey was happening in the area, you wouldn’t have guessed it was even going on! Someone could walk within a meter of the nodes and still not see them!

"Another highlight was how welcoming and generous that the team at Geopartner Geofizyka were. They went above and beyond to ensure that we had a safe, informative and enjoyable visit.”

Team at Geopartner Geofizyka

Can you share insights from your observations or discussions with our customer regarding their experience with our nodal technology?

“The crew were really happy with the system overall. Having worked with older, bulky nodal equipment, they found being able to hand-carry large numbers of nodes both quick and efficient. In addition to this, there were no vehicles with the line crew once they were dropped off, which resulted in a near-zero environmental footprint for this survey.

“We did identify some improvements on our Navigator app through discussions with the crew. These improvements were actually implemented within a few days of them being raised and now the app works seamlessly with all of the different types of external GNSS equipment that Geopartner use.

“The deployment crew also identified some improvements with the deployment backpacks, which we will build into our next version.

“Finally, the crew had also developed a really clever way to deploy the nodes in this environment (fields with soft soil), creating a device that is a bit like a pogo stick. It meant that the deployment team was able to keep moving at pace, whilst still safely and effectively planting the nodes.”

What specific challenges or successes did our customer encounter while using our nodal technology?

"Seamlessly working alongside nature and farming operations was a great success for the crew. As the project spanned across farmland, some with cattle grazing the fields, the small size and ease of burial of the STRYDE Node™ meant that the cattle weren’t exposed to the risk of accidentally pulling up a node or getting entangled with cables (which would be a risk if a cabled system had been selected).

“From a challenges perspective, there was limited space on the main camp but the small form factor of STRYDE’s Nimble Receiver System™ meant that the data harvesting, seismic QC, and node rotation operations were able to be managed out of a small enclosed kiosk, which in the ski season is used to provide information to tourists.”

Ease of burial of the STRYDE Node™

How does our client’s use of our nodal technology align with our company's vision and goals?

“Our mission is to make high-density seismic affordable to any industry and this project exemplifies our commitment to accessibility perfectly. Despite working within tight budget constraints for geothermal exploration, using STRYDE, Geopartner were able to deliver a high quality dataset at an affordable price point.

"Moreover, minimising environmental impact and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks are central to our technology's design. Witnessing a significantly reduced environmental footprint and HSE risk exposure firsthand in the field reaffirmed the effectiveness of our approach. With fewer vehicles required, the portability of our STRYDE Nodes™, and the absence of line clearing, our solution stands as a testament to our dedication to sustainability and safety."

How does our client's experience with our nodal technology reflect our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction?

“The extremely agile, portable design of STRYDE’s system allowed Geopartner Geofizyka to deliver a survey that otherwise would have been more expensive for their end client and far more intrusive to the surrounding environment.

“I was also able to see how our plans for future products, which are currently in the R&D phase, would help customers in this type of environment even beyond the current benefits that they receive from STRYDE.”

STRYDE's system helping Geopartner Geofizyka deliver a survey

In essence, our CEO's journey into the field with STRYDE's seismic system is not just about making a statement; it's about reaffirming our commitment to customer success, driving innovation, and building lasting relationships.


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