Google Translations Disclaimer

​Google Translate is a third party learning system provided by Google which performs language translations to a user directly and effectively. STRYDE lacks authority over the output or accuracy of the Google Translate service and any information that is translated on the STRYDE website using this service.

The translations provided by Google Translate may not be entirely accurate and should only be used as a close guide to the original English language content. STRYDE does not guarantee that all translated information will be correct, reliable or up-to-date. Some features that cannot be translated include, but are not limited to image buttons, drop down menus, graphics, images, or portable document formats (pdfs).

STRYDE, as well as its employees and partners, are not liable for any damages or losses arising from the dependence on reliable information provided by Google Translate, or damages resulting from the viewing, sharing, or copying of such information. We neither explicitly endorse nor suggest that Google Translate is the sole language translation solution for users.

For precise translations or official business purposes please seek the assistance of a professional translator.