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STRYDE Software

Easy to use, tailor-made, software for efficient seismic survey field operations, data harvesting, and quality assurance.

Our software has been built from the ground up to handle the scale of seismic operations that are made possible with STRYDE's nodal systems, ensuring seismic data excellence, acquired in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Key features

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Precision navigation and deployment

Delivering stakeless operations enabled by STRYDE's navigator app


45+ days of autonomous recording

45+ days of autonomous seismic data recording using the programmable node calendar

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Data and metadata quality control

Seismic data excellence assured through bespoke data and metadata QC tools

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Nav-merged data outputs

Nav-merged deliverables ready for data processing

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"Your QC software is unreal, thanks again for taking the time to give me a tutorial and finding the missing shot! I have some gathers in now and just panning through shots is so fast and simple."

Philip Sokol

Project Geophysicist at Explor


The value our software can unlock

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Industry leading operational efficiency

STRYDE’s hardware and software work in harmony to maximise the efficiency of your operations. Stakeless deployment using STRYDE's Navigator app and high-capacity backpacks enable record-breaking deployment cycle times without compromising quality. High-capacity charging and data harvesting units enable unparalleled efficiency back in camp.

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Efficient and accurate deployment in challenging environments

STRYDE’s Nodes are the lightest in the industry, allowing them to operate in places that no other system can go. Advanced functionality in the STRYDE Navigator deployment app, such as in-field offsetting, allows autonomous deployment teams to maintain productivity, quality and survey geometry integrity even in the presence of unexpected deployment obstacles.

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Rapid onboarding to the STRYDE system

As part of our mission to make seismic acquisition accessible to and affordable for any industry, we are building a seismic system that is #1 for ease of use. By always focussing on our users’ needs, from seismic novices through to experts, we have created a system that balances ease of use with the functionality required by the diversity of modern seismic surveys. This means your crew spends less time on training courses and more time acquiring data.

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Assure survey and seismic data excellence

Bespoke survey and seismic data QC tools allow efficient quality control of data, metadata and deliverables at scale, ensuring compliance with end client requirements at every step of a project.

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No more range anxiety

STRYDE Nodes deliver 45+ days of autonomy using the programmable node calendar to acquire data only within your production window.

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Streamline data processing and interpretation

The STRYDE system generates processing-ready nav-merged deliverables, enabling subsurface insights to be delivered at pace via fast-track processing and interpretation.

How it works

See how our software and hardware interact together to unlock seismic survey efficiencies and subsurface data excellence:

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Watch the crew at Explor using the Navigator app to deploy our nodes with absolute precision:

Learn more about our nodal technology

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