10th Nov, 2022

STRYDE’s take on wellbeing at work

STRYDE’s Chief People Officer, Omar Morsy, was recently asked to speak as part of a virtual panel at the Wellbeing at Work Summit 2022 on the 19th-21st September.

Wellbeing at Work Summit 2022 Omar 1

The three-day event consisted of various integrated, in-person experiences in eight locations globally and virtually, providing leaders and employers with the tools and insight to create comprehensive people and wellbeing strategies that are fit for the future of the ever-changing workplace.

In this short interview, Omar highlights some of the key insights from the event including strategies for a healthy, engaged, and remote workforce, and how STRYDE is driving positive change in the workplace.

Omar Morsy, Stryde

What key points did you discuss during the panel?

"The main point I was trying to get across was the power of listening and how ensuring you have the right conversations, be it manager to subordinate level or collectively as a business, this can be hugely powerful in steering what is right for the organisation and subsequently wellbeing in general.

"I talked about STRYDE’s way of working, where we allocate a 2-day-a-month office set up where our team comes together to meet face-to-face in our office, to collaborate and catch up, before returning to remote working. During the summit, I offered some of my advice to companies looking to set up a remote workforce which included:

  • Regular meetings
  • Sprint set ups and daily stand ups
  • The pitfalls of letting people drift with these touchpoints not being formalised remotely"

Currently, what is the biggest concern for companies when it comes to their people's wellbeing at work?

"I would say managing wellness and wellbeing in the new hybrid workplace whilst maintaining a healthy company culture is currently the biggest struggle, not to mention the current rise in the cost of living."

How has COVID impacted wellbeing at work?

"Expectations are much greater now around the idea of ‘flexibility that works for everyone,’ so it will be interesting to see how the landscape of remote working evolves over the coming years with the big tech companies mandating a drive back to the office at considerable expense.

It can be harder to identify when individuals may be struggling with remote working, but I think ensuring close contact with managers and teams, as well as having clear objectives and maintaining a friendly and inclusive environment is key to nurturing wellbeing."

How do you find remote working?

"Personally, my main challenge is getting my required exercise in to the day! Oh, and managing to fit everything I need for work into one room at home. Aside from the very minor downfalls I am incredibly fortunate to have a dedicated home office which feels like a real luxury.

"Easily the best part of remote working for me is my colleagues getting a window into my life, meeting my family in often awkward settings, and showing I am a real person with real problems and fun things happening just out of ear shot. I also feel hugely grateful I get to pick up my son from school every day and give my new-born daughter a little cuddle over lunch."

What do you believe STRYDE is doing to make a positive impact on wellbeing in the workplace and drive positive change?

"Good question. For me, its firstly ensuring that we hire the right people for the right roles with a clear view of the opportunities within that role upfront from day one. We suffered early on with managing expectations vs. contrasting views of what the business would be and where we may go. So, being transparent about this in the hiring process helps.

"We are driving positive change in the workplace through being flexible, encouraging a healthy work-life balance, and creating psychological safety between manager and employee. We want to make sure all STRYDE employees feel as though they can learn and grow at a comfortable pace and feel as though their professional development is being supported.

"Communication is also key; for example, honest downward and upward feedback that ensures everyone has a voice for when various things need to be addressed.

"Finally, something that has gone down really well in all locations is our 'wellbeing day' initiative we implemented during mental health awareness month, which will be a permanent fixture moving forward. A little like a duvet day, we give two wellbeing days each year and encourage everyone (again from the top down) to use these days as they see fit... feeling too tired? It's a sunny day? You'd like some more family time? Whatever works for you on the spur of the moment."

Watch the webinar here: Strategies for a healthy, engaged and remote workforce (vimeo.com)

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