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Affordable and low-risk seismic solutions for efficient CCUS exploration and monitoring

Helping companies establish a thorough understanding of the subsurface is crucial for unlocking CCUS projects and monitoring integrity across the project lifecycle to assure CCUS is safe, compliant, and efficient.

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Access turnkey, high-density land seismic solutions to commercialise and monitor your CCUS projects in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

At STRYDE, we can help customers in new and emerging industries generate value from high-density seismic acquisition that can propel a project’s future.

Our unrivalled technology and expert services have the potential to fast-track and de-risk CCUS activity, fuelling the industries of the future through affordable and high-resolution seismic data.

Utilising seismic for CCUS applications can:

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Significantly improve knowledge of the subsurface, giving more confidence to project investment

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Help assure projects are sanctioned by supporting the permitting process; Property and Mineral Rights, HSE, Permanence, Resource Management

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De-risk “pre-drill” decision-making during the exploration phase

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Effectively monitor the subsurface during injection and post-injection to avoid loss of integrity

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Improve the overall safety, compliance, and efficiency of CCUS operations

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Help companies adhere to in-country regulations, such as “US UIC Class VI Rule”

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Help to secure tax incentives, such as “IRS 45Q” in the US

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How we can help

At STRYDE, we understand that budget and internal resources for seismic projects can be limited, and we have tailored our tried and tested solutions to meet the needs of our clients operating in the CCUS sector.

We offer complete flexibility in our support solutions, ranging from a full land seismic turn-key service to “supply only” of state-of-the-art nodal equipment, fast-track data processing solutions, and survey design optimisation.

Our solutions

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Full turn-key land seismic solutions

An end-to-end solution comprising of survey planning, survey design and optimisation, delivery of seismic acquisition programs using cutting-edge technology and techniques, and seismic data processing solutions.

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Survey planning

Development of a seismic survey plan (single project or long-term (multi-year program)) to support permitting/regulation compliance

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Survey design excellence

Design of a fully optimised 2D, pseudo-3D, 3D or monitoring survey (seismicity, leakage detection, and/or plume tracking)

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Seismic acquisition

Efficient and cost-effective seismic inclusive of the world's smallest, lightest and most affordable receiver system, source technologies and the survey acquisition team required to execute the survey

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Fast-track seismic data processing

Low cost, fast-track seismic data processing, inclusive of time, depth and analysis of seismicity data

Surveys we can enable

Scouting (regional 2D)

Scouting (regional 2D)

Baseline (HD 3D – subsurface characterisation)

Baseline (HD 3D – subsurface characterisation)

Monitoring (plume tracking)

Monitoring (plume tracking)

Monitoring (seismicity)

Monitoring (seismicity)

Baseline repeat (+3-5 years post-injection)

Baseline repeat (+3-5 years post-injection)

How we do it

As the creators of the world’s smallest and lightest seismic receiver node, STRYDE makes seismic accessible to all industries by reducing costs and logistical requirements, minimising HSE risk and environmental footprint and allowing seismic to be acquired in urban and environmentally restricted areas.

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Allan Châtenay

President, Explor

Our collaboration with STRYDE and CMC is changing the game for subsurface imaging in support of CCUS, and we are proud to have broken a world record for trace density. We are delighted with the performance of STRYDE's nimble nodes. The agility and cost-efficiency of these systems are driving a step-change in imagine the subsurface and sets a new benchmark for what can be achieved for CCUS.

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The STRYDE Nimble System™

Are you curious about the STRYDE Nimble System™ and how it can help mitigate risk, well failure and cost overruns on your next CCUS project? Watch the video of our Product Manager, Tom O'Toole, as he runs through all the capabilities of our cutting-edge land seismic technology and discover the power of the system below...

HD source

How seismic can be used in CCUS applications?

During exploration:

  • Scouting (2D and pseudo-3D surveys) - regional scouting to identify and grade potential sites for CCUS projects
  • High-density 3D surveys - for baseline/pre-drill, monitoring/repeat baseline, allowing companies to achieve a “gold standard” for permitting and regulation compliance
  • A 3D seismic survey is not a mandatory requirement that is prescribed in regulations but is best practice for accessing a clear image of the subsurface
  • Demonstrate to the regulator and key stakeholders that the storage of CO2 in the subsurface is safe and the seal, reservoir, and overburden are not compromised
High density

During operations (monitoring)

  • Assure a long-term monitoring plan is in place to reduce risk, operate safely and in line with the project objectives
  • Provide evidence to the regulators demonstrating your commitment to safety integrity assurance
  • Obtain the most accurate large-scale method (seismic) to track the CO2 plume in the subsurface
  • Comply with seismicity monitoring requirements in specific regions and environments that mandate this

So, why choose STRYDE to deliver your seismic needs?

De-risk projects and minimise environmental footprint

De-risk projects and minimise environmental footprint

Rely on an experienced team to navigate through regulations and benefit from smaller, lighter equipment that requires fewer deployment resources and minimal requirements for line clearance, resulting in less impact on the environment and helping assure surveys are supported and sanctioned by landowners.
Reduce CAPEX and seismic survey project costs

Reduce CAPEX and seismic survey project costs

STRYDE's systems are the lowest price per channel in the industry, both in terms of upfront equipment and ongoing operating costs, and so are the natural choice for acquiring the high-definition data required for your CCUS project.
Assure safety and integrity during operation of the CCUS facility

Assure safety and integrity during operation of the CCUS facility

STRYDE technology allows acquisition teams to reduce exposure to HSE risk by requiring fewer vehicles and people in the field. Due to the low cost of our solutions, we make monitoring affordable, helping our clients assure the integrity of underground storage.

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