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Northallerton, UK

Case study

STRYDE, RAF, and Newcastle University collaborate on geothermal exploration

STRYDE Nodes™ deployed by Newcastle University at RAF Leeming to pinpoint geothermal production locations.

RAF screenshot of tray of nodes

Project summary

Discover how the world’s smallest and lightest nodal seismic imaging system was deployed by Newcastle University at RAF Leeming for geothermal exploration.

3,500 STRYDE Nodes™ were deployed across more than 5km2 to image and better understand the subsurface geology. The survey that took place from June – August 2022, used miniature seismic recording devices (nodes) deployed on the surface of RAF Leeming, with subsequently a low-impact seismic source (seismic weight drop) used to generate a geological image of the subsurface to be produced.

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