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STRYDE used to track and analyse elephant communication in Kenya

The team at the Animal Research Lab, from the prestigious University of Oxford, recently embarked on an intriguing journey to delve deeper into how elephants use seismic to communicate and to track and monitor elephants in real-time.

About STRYDE’s seismic data processing solution: Q&A with Amine Ourabah

Fast-track land seismic data processing: an interview with Chief Geophysicist, Amine Ourabah

STRYDE lens single V3
New service launched!

STRYDE Lens - An integrated in-field seismic processing solution

Providing faster access to subsurface images for quicker decision-making by processing seismic data in situ

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STRYDE will be participating in over 40 industry events in 2023, ranging from exhibitions and conferences, to workshops and webinars across multiple sectors, including oil and gas, CCUS, Geothermal, Mining and more.

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