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De-risking geothermal projects: case studies in seismic exploration and monitoring

How the latest seismic technology is de-risking geothermal exploration and production through high-resolution imaging, passive data sets and seismicity monitoring

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On-demand geothermal webinar

Geothermal development is high-risk and requires high initial exploration costs to pinpoint viable geothermal locations and monitoring during production. Seismic mapping is the gold-standard tool for understanding the subsurface and assessing geological risk to make informed drilling and well management decisions.

During this webinar we present three separate case studies where the latest seismic technology has been used to explore for geothermal hotspots, either with conventional reflection seismic or passive data, and separately for monitoring, of micro-seismicity during a geothermal well stimulation phase.

What you will learn

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The latest techniques and technologies for low-cost seismic surveys

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How seismic data can help inform drilling decisions

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How seismic can be acquired effectively in built up, urban environments

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How to effectively monitor the subsurface post-drilling, using seismic

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