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Mega oil and gas seismic surveys with STRYDE

We are ready, are you?

Pro system

Our system was designed for this

We designed the STRYDE seismic imaging system with a singular focus: to make high-density, large-scale and mega surveys of the future possible. A 1 million+ channel crew is what we have been waiting for.

The size, cost and architecture of our node and data management system is unlike any other system on the market today.

STRYDE is proven to deliver high-quality, dense seismic data in record time through unrivalled operational seismic survey efficiencies and effective in-field data management hardware and software.

Why use STRYDE?

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Bespoke data management hardware and software for effective management and delivery of mega data

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Rapid data turnaround time through in-field seismic tape generation

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Quick delivery of >1 million nodes to avoid delays to start-up operations

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Proven data quality, efficiencies and cost savings for surveys of any scale

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Only STRYDE has been proven in the field for 166,000+ nodes

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STRYDE's technology is the only node proven to enable FWI at scale

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Introducing the Pro System™

Mega crew = mega data, you need to select your technology wisely

The STRYDE Pro System™ has been designed specifically to manage >1 million seismic channels and the mega data that is produced from this in the field.

The system is made up of 5 x 20ft shipping containers. These are dust proof sealed environments that house the data harvesting, cleaning and data management hardware and software required roll receiver spreads efficiently and handle daily tape generation of a approximately ~500TB of seismic data per day, right where the seismic was acquired and harvested.

An integrated seismic data management system can make or break your survey

~500TB of seismic data will be generated from a 1 million+ seismic crew every day, choosing the technology that is capable of managing this volume of data in the field will have a direct impact on the success of your endeavour.

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The data management system must possess sufficient robustness to keep pace with seismic operations; otherwise, operators may face the prospect of halting survey operations to accommodate the data team's efforts to catch up.

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Efficient operations and swift data turnover rely heavily on the vital process of collecting seismic data, transferring it onto NAS drives, and subsequently onto seismic tapes in the field.

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Additional costs and delays may be incurred if the data handling solution is not decoupled from delays outside of the field crew (e.g. data processing centre)

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Poor data management is a known a bottleneck on large-scale projects and can incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss per day when it goes wrong

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80,000 nodes

rotated and harvested daily with STRYDE

our solution for in-field mega data management

How does STRYDE mitigate data management risks?

Our data management system has been designed and coded by world-class high-performance programming experts who have successfully implemented high-speed, million channel data management systems on the marine side for major corporations.

Our hardware and software are enclosed within a sealed, dust-proof container, enabling seismic tapes to be written on-site. This ensures the integrity of tape drives, swift turnaround times, and minimised data management expenses

What's included in the Pro System™?

Scalable solutions for harvesting, charging and data handling...

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Mobile Node Download Unit (MNDU)

Our dedicated containers for node charging, harvesting, and testing, with 4x20ft containers for a >1 million node crew, STRYDE is capable of cycling up to 80,000 nodes in 24 hours

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Mobile Node Recording Unit (MNRU)

Dedicated containers housing operator workspace, workstations, servers, and data storage, providing a comfortable environment for data management and QC tasks

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Mobile Node Cleaning Unit (MNCU)

Dedicated containers for node cleaning with the capacity to clean up to 40,000 nodes in 24 hours

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Nodal technology and peripherals

Over 1 million STRYDE Nodes™ and the associated peripheral hardware required to deploy, retrieve and handle the nodes efficiently and effectively.

Proof we can do it

The largest onshore nodal seismic survey currently in existence

On behalf of CCED, AGS are currently undergoing the current largest nodal survey ever to be acquired on land that is yielding impressive operational, data management and data-quality results using STRYDE's system.

The next biggest MENA competitor node crew is 30,000 nodes, STRYDE is proven with a 6 times bigger channel count, therefore STRYDE is the obvious choice when it comes to technology for high-channel count surveys.

Land seismic acquisition


Seismic channels

4.5 million

Receiver points deployed


Trace density per sq km

50 TB

of seismic data acquired per day


"CCED are currently acquiring the world’s largest 3D node survey over our blocks 3 & 4 (29, 219 sqkm), onshore Oman.

This nodal technology approach (+165,000 channels) provides multiple benefits to CCED, by cutting down on data acquisition costs, minimizing HSE footprints in the field (less manual handling, reducing vehicle count from c.160 to c.40, reduced field crew size 600 to c.220 etc.), and expanded land access in our sabkha-dune environment, all to acquire high quality, operationally efficient (high density, point receiver geometries providing increased spatial sampling density, with no compromise to data quality) outcomes."

Eskil Jersing

Exploration and Appraisal Director, CCED


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