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Case study

Pad3D: Gas production optimisation using 3D seismic

High value, low cost, low impact seismic for optimising horizontal drilling

Project snapshot

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Galilee Energy

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Project partners

OceaniaGeo, STRYDE, Gailee Energy, Earth Signal Processing Ltd

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Environment type

Active producing well pad with multiple live wells, satellite generators and operating drill rig

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Survey size

5.5 sq km

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1 week

Pad3 D
Pad3d trial

Project summary

A collaboration between Oceania Geo, Galilee Energy, STRYDE and Earth Signal Processing to demonstrate the viability of acquiring small footprint 3D seismic surveys using lower cost and lower impact technology for well planning and field optimisation.

Project goals:

  • Provide structural and stratigraphic confidence through 3D imaging.
  • Rapid turnaround to fit within well planning and pad development timeframes.
  • Minimise or remove impact on environment, land holders, and cultural heritage.
  • Low capital outlay to de-risk pad development.
  • Reduce HSE exposure through smaller crews, scale of equipment and time of operation.

"Using high-quality seismic to de-risk production optimisation is a no brainer. It costs~AUD$100k-$250k to acquire seismic to de-risk a 3-5sqkm multi-well pad development where horizontal wells are costing $2m+ per well..."

Brendon Mitchell

Managing Director, Oceania Geo


Survey snapshot

Field operations

Completed in 7 days with 6 person crew worked 400 hours with zero incidents


2 4x4s, 1 ATV, 1 tractor and 1 bobcat onsite each day

Receiver spacing

800+ nodes deployed per day with 2 person crew at 15m spacing. ⁻4935 Live receiver patch – 75m RL x 15m RP

Source operations

⁻Mixed source type – WD1400 / GPEG500. 800+ source points shot per day per source at 15m spacing. ⁻2415 Source Points – 150m SL x 15m SP

Fast-track processing

Fast-track volume delivered 7 days from last node harvest

Pre-stack migration

Full pre-stack migration final data delivered 7 weeks from last node harvest

PAD3 D seismic

Project deliverables

  • Final data resolution exceeded expectations
  • Fast turnaround structural and stratigraphic attributes
    • - Well trajectory planning
    • - Planning new targets
    • - De-risking future laterals
    • - Understanding existing well performance
  • <10m vertical resolution and 1-2m detection resolution

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