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Enabling ultra-low-cost, low-environmental impact land seismic surveys in Australia

Assure exploration projects are economically viable and environmentally compliant by utilising cutting-edge technology and land seismic solutions that will reduce exploration costs, minimise exposure to HSE risk, and significantly lower your environmental footprint

Australia presents some unique challenges for land seismic acquisition...

Land access and permitting

Obtaining permits to work from land owners can be difficult. Utilising low-impact technology that will minimise environmental footprint and land disruption is therefore key in helping obtain your permit to work and getting access to the land you want to survey.

Environmentally sensitive locations

Reducing the time spent surveying environmentally sensitive locations will help ensure projects are sanctioned. Survey design and the seismic acquisition technology you use can help overcome challenges in obtaining approval to work in environmentally restrictive areas.

Expensive source effort and footprint

Seismic source methods are expensive to operate and incur additional environmental impact and footprint. By using affordable and miniature receiver devices, you can increase your receiver spread and minimise source effort

Complex or remote terrains and land structures

Transportation and deployment can be a challenge in complex or remote terrains and can incur additional costs, environmental footprint, time and risk. By using small and lightweight receiver nodes, survey teams can carry thousands of receiver devices in just one vehicle, bury nodes in difficult or rocky terrain with ease and faster than ever before, and reduce seismic operational footprint.
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Reduce seismic survey costs, minimise exposure to HSE risk, and significantly lower your environmental footprint on your next exploration project

At STRYDE, we have created the world’s smallest, lightest, and most affordable seismic receiver Node, meticulously designed to help companies seeking to obtain a thorough understanding of subsurface to do so in the most efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective way possible.

In doing so, we help companies assure exploration projects are approved by supplying nodal technology that enables seismic survey cost savings of up to 50%, and significantly reduced environmental footprint and land disruption.

The benefits of STRYDE Nodes™ can unlock for onshore exploration in Australia

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Access high-density seismic at a significantly reduced cost

The world's smallest, most affordable seismic nodes available on the market enables high-density data acquisition to be affordable, delivering high-resolution seismic imaging.

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Minimise environmental footprint and land disruption

Ensure compliance with environmental requirements and restrictions to help assure your project is sanctioned, enabled through less vehicles, reduced deployment logistics and minimal line clearing

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Accelerate results to make informed decisions faster

Reduce survey time at every stage of operations, from logistics and shipping to deployment, retrieval and data recovery - enabling informed decisions to be made more efficiently

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Minimse exposure to HSE risk

Fewer transportation vehicles are required due to the miniature traits of the node, and being able to efficiently and safely deploy thousands of nodes by foot reduces exposure to HSE risk

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Why high-density seismic matters

High-density seismic will enhance image quality and will better map challenging shale and sand layers in complex geology. This technique will therefore help companies fast-track data processing and ensure data is interpreted more efficiently to enable informed decisions to be made faster.

Until recently, sensitive environments where cultural heritage restrictions or land access resulted in seismic being difficult or impossible to obtain suffered from sparse acquisition which delivered random and sparse geometries and incurred additional processing time and difficulties in interpreting the data.

Being able to deploy significantly more receiver devices like STRYDE's miniature Nodes at an affordable price point will result in denser seismic with reduced environmental footprint and will eliminate blind spots to help fast-track and better reconstruct the subsurface image during processing.

Game-changing technology

The STRYDE Node™

Discover the world's smallest, lightest and most affordable seismic receiver node...

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Not only did STRYDE systems enable us to do our work more efficiently, but the unique characteristics of the nodes themselves, as well as the support systems also helped us to minimise risk and our environmental footprint in the area – making sure we minimised disruption for the local communities both during and after this highly critical seismic acquisition.

Bill Mooney
Bill Mooney

CEO, Polaris Natural Resources


Flexible and rapid access to low-cost, low-impact seismic equipment

At STRYDE, we offer flexible lease and purchasing options, and rapid delivery of equipment to companies across Australia, enabled by an existing node inventory in-country and large pools of equipment located in our suite of global warehouses. So whether you are looking to test equipment in preparation for future land seismic surveys, or want to lease or purchase thousands of STRYDE Nodes™ for an upcoming survey - we can tailor our commercial model to suit your business needs, budget, and timescale.

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minimise land disruption

STRYDE Nodes™ have minimised environmental footprint and land disruption on over 190 seismic surveys

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seismic surveys to date

Case studies

Understand how companies have benefited from STRYDE's technology


Enabling a “faster, cheaper and safer” seismic survey for DNO

Learn how STYRDE enabled DNO to complete a “faster, cheaper and safer” seismic survey in Northern Iraq...


Facilitating efficient 2D seismic acquisition for petroleum exploration in Namibia

A case study demonstrating how STRYDE's nodal seismic systems enabled Polaris Natural Resources to conduct an efficient and cost-effective seismic survey for oil and gas exploration in Namibia


A high-density 3D seismic survey for oil and gas exploration

The objective was to improve the company's understanding of the local subsurface by conducting a small 3D seismic survey with restricted source acquisition and two dense 2D lines.


Transofrming microseismic surveys for OceaniaGeo

STRYDE sent OceaniaGeo 880 fully charged Nodes, one Navigator tablet and an Initialisation Device. an in-house team of three used our tablet to lay the Nodes out at 10am spacing on 2.2-kilometer lines arranged in a star pattern...


Enabling seismic survey excellence for drilling precision in Zimbabwe

A 2D seismic survey with swath shooting, by shooting 1 line and recording 2, to create pseudo seismic lines between receiver lines. Shot 38,400 shot points on 31 lines

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