High-resolution seismic data for oil and gas

Acquire onshore seismic data faster than ever before to unlock new oil and gas developments, enable safe energy transition, and maximise reservoir production

Acquire high-density seismic data, faster than ever before

Acquire high-density seismic data, faster than ever before

Smaller, lighter, cable-free land seismic recording equipment resulting in easier, faster, and safer seismic acquisition, without compromising data quality. At STRYDE, we’ve brought onshore subsurface imaging technology out of the dark ages for companies operating in the oil and gas sector seeking to:

  • Efficiently explore and unlock new hydrocarbon development opportunities
  • Maximise production capacity from existing reservoirs
  • Explore and commercialise CCUS opportunities with integrity
  • Safely transition from production wells to Co2 storage wells

The benefits STRYDE can unlock for onshore seismic acquisition in the oil and gas sector

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Access high-density seismic at a significantly reduced cost

The world's smallest, most affordable seismic nodes available on the market paves the way to high-density data acquisition and high-resolution seismic imaging

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Accelerate seismic acquisition to make informed decisions faster

Reduce survey acquisition time at every stage of operations, from logistics and shipping to deployment, retrieval, and data recovery. Resulting in rapid access to ultra-high-density enabling informed decisions to be made more efficiently

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Minimise risk and environmental footprint

Less logistics and being able to efficiently deploy thousands of nodes a day by foot reduces exposure to risk and minimises the environmental impact traditionally associated with land seismic acquisition

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Unlock seismic projects that were previously uneconomic

Assure your seismic acquisition project is sanctioned by utilising a low-cost, low risk solution that delivers complete assurance of subsurface data excellence

"CCED are currently acquiring the world’s largest 3D node survey over our blocks 3 & 4 (29, 219 sqkm), onshore Oman.

This nodal technology approach (c.165,000 channels) provides multiple benefits to CCED, by cutting down on data acquisition costs, minimizing HSE footprints in the field (less manual handling, reducing vehicle count from c.160 to c.40, reduced field crew size 600 to c.220 etc.), and expanded land access in our sabkha-dune environment, all to acquire high quality, operationally efficient (high density, point receiver geometries providing increased spatial sampling density, with no compromise to data quality) outcomes."

Eskil Jersing

Exploration and Appraisal Director at CCED


The world's largest nodal seismic survey

CCED is currently deploying an unprecedented 165,000 STRYDE Nodes™ in Oman, marking the world's largest nodal seismic survey ever conducted to date. Covering 29,219 sq.km, this cutting-edge 3D survey relies on fully autonomous, compact single-sensor nodes.

This approach offers numerous advantages for CCED, including cost savings, reduced HSE risk exposure, acquisition of high-quality, operationally efficient, high-density point receiver geometries, resulting in superior subsurface image resolution.

Scalable node receiver systems

At STRYDE, we know that in order to be truly cost-effective, the total cost per channel must include the node cost as well as the node charging and data harvesting costs.

To ensure that our clients benefit further from our low-cost land seismic nodes, we offer three separate node receiver systems which enable rapid rotation of high-channel counts using the scalable charging and harvesting units (Nests). Learn more about our systems:

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